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We support individuals and organisations by collecting, verifying and sharing needs, knowledge and information in crisis situations!

We build bridges to a world where every voice resonates, and every act of kindness sparks a transformative journey.

The CivilSocietyHUB is bridging the gap and encourages change. A beacon of inclusion where bridges are built, voices are heard, and positive transformations are accessible.

Pillars Of Engagement

Emergency & Crisis

In crises, our Emergency Response team ensures swift, secure evacuations for children and those with disabilities. We partner globally with professionals, prioritizing safety and fostering resilience. Through compassionate and efficient efforts, we make a meaningful impact, contributing to a safer world for everyone in need.

Social Volunteers
Field Service

The SocialVolunteersHUB joins Universities, Volunteers, and Organisations together. It's an international network that gathers and shares information to connect people in need with those who want to help in a safe and sustainable way. We focus on human rights, young people, humanitarian work and climate change.

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Diversity & Inclusion
Needs Assessment

D.I.N.A. aims to assess and address the diverse needs of people with disabilities in crisis situations, providing reliable information and solutions for tailored crisis response and preparedness projects. For non-profits and public authorities to improve access to services, promote inclusion, and develop tailored actions.

Event & Co-Working

Situated in the heart of Vienna, a sprawling 2000m2 space beckons NGOs and initiatives into a haven of collaboration. This dynamic HUB pulsates with the vibrant spirit of community, fostering connections and igniting innovation. More than just a physical space, it serves as a nurturing ground for shared values and collective impact.

Embrace Community: Where your involvement sparks positive change

In times of crisis, our emergency response team swiftly mobilizes, providing vital support where it's needed most. Our social volunteers form the backbone of our operations, extending a helping hand to those in need through dedicated field service initiatives. We believe in the power of inclusion, conducting thorough needs assessments to ensure our efforts cater to diverse communities. Join us in our co-working space, where collaboration and innovation flourish, fostering a collective spirit to address challenges and build a stronger, more resilient future together. Be a part of something meaningful – your involvement makes a difference.

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The CivilSocietyHUB - Bridging The Gap

Take the first step by exploring the diverse opportunities available within our community. Browse through our projects, events, and initiatives to find the one that resonates with your interests and passions.

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Connect with Us

Engage with our community by reaching out, attending events, or connecting with like-minded individuals. Follow us on social media, join our online forums, or attend informational sessions to get a deeper understanding of our mission and vision.

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Take Action

Once you've found your niche, it's time to take action. Whether it's joining a volunteer project, participating in an emergency response training, contributing your skills to a co-working initiative, or engaging in collaboration, your involvement is a catalyst for positive change. Start your journey with us today!

the civilsocietyhub is different

Recognising a communication gap among civil society organisations, we identified the need for informed, researched, and verified knowledge exchange both online and offline.

Our HUB is a point where data, from one or more points, meet and dispatch in one or more directions. Think about the way an airport functions: An airport hub provides passengers with connecting flights, taking them from one location to another.
We’re not qualified to dispatch and land planes. We are, however, fully equipped to send up-to-date, essential information, services and support to its final destination.

As the World Bank states, „social inclusion is the process of improving the ability, opportunity, and worthiness of people, disadvantaged on the basis of their identity, to take part in society“. Inclusion, in relation to persons with disabilities, is defined as including individuals with disabilities in everyday activities and ensuring they have access to resources and opportunities in ways that are similar to their non-disabled peers. Even in crisis situations!

By raising awareness, promoting inclusivity, and championing the rights of children and all individuals, we empower the next generation to be ambassadors of positive change. Together, let us inspire a movement that celebrates diversity, upholds human rights, and ensures that the dreams and aspirations of every young person are nurtured and protected.

Our team is working
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OUR Core VALUES and guidelines

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