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The CivilSocietyHUB, former SocialWorkHub is a non profit organisation and a social business devoted to promote social inclusion through social work, infrastructure, Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Based in Austria the CivilSocietyHUB collects, verifies and shares valuable and relevant information with practitioners and NGOs to enable them to reach their objectives and cater for their audience. Such information is related to emergency preparation and prevention, inclusion, diversity, accessibility and de-radicalization. Furthermore, through a team of experts who specialise in a variety of different fields, we are able to carry out a large number of extensive projects and support local organisations with media production, strategic consulting or other useful services.

Adapting to the changing landscape, we connected NGO, offering a conduit for valuable information exchange. Our services expanded to support practitioners and social businesses, providing strategic guidance and essential data. Over time, a comprehensive knowledge base emerged, benefiting organisations globally. Presently, we're extending our impact by establishing D.I.N.A.. In Vienna, we're running a shared office solution for NGOs and social businesses, offering affordable workspaces, social business consultations, and essential services. Fueled by increasing demand and collaborations with major organisations, our accrued expertise empowers us to initiate, support, and scale social projects on both local and international fronts. The CivilSocietyHUB stands as a beacon of positive change, connecting communities and catalyzing impactful initiatives.

The CivilSocietyHUB stands at the intersection of diversity, infrastructure, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with a mission to advance social inclusion.

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CivilSocietyHUB Team


Multidisciplinary team

The diverse expertise of professionals specialising in various fields within the team allows us a holistic approach to addressing complex social issues.
Our multidisciplinary team enhances the versatility of the CivilSocietyHUB, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the diverse challenges faced by our communities.
This approach promotes innovative problem-solving, as team members bring unique perspectives and skills to the table. For instance, in the realms of emergency preparation, prevention, inclusion, diversity, accessibility, and de-radicalisation, a multidisciplinary team can develop nuanced and effective strategies that consider a broad spectrum of factors.

Furthermore, the collective expertise of our team allows the CivilSocietyHUB to provide a wide range of services, from information verification and sharing to media production and strategic consulting.
This versatility ensures that the CivilSocietyHUB can adapt to the evolving needs of NGOs, practitioners, public authorities, and social businesses, offering tailored solutions that make a lasting impact.
Overall, our multidisciplinary team contributes to the resilience and adaptability of the CivilSocietyHUB, allowing it to navigate the dynamic landscape of social challenges with agility and effectiveness.

Bridging the
social gap_

It is crucial to recognize the importance of bridging the social gap. Connecting diverse communities, dismantling barriers on inclusivity.

Be Influential
and impactful_

Being influential, creative and impactful is about more than just making noise; it's about inspiring, diverse, inclusive and meaningful change.

Shaping the
future climate_

A dual commitment: addressing the environmental challenges of our planet - cultivating a collaborative atmosphere among stakeholders.

CivilSocietyHUB Team_

— meet the team
Laura Alberti

Laura Alberti

The Italian
Christophe Dupont-Baggio

Christophe Dupont-Baggio

The French
Martina Barwitzki

Martina Barwitzki

The German
Kathi Szimak

Kathi Szimak

Location Manager


Best Intern Ever
Mr. Z

Mr. Z

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