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Christmas: A Symphony of Traditions, Not Just a Single Tune

Christmas: A Symphony of Traditions, Not Just a Single Tune

Picture this: Christmas, a melody we all know, but what if it’s not the same song everywhere? It’s like tuning into a global radio where every station plays a different version of the holiday.

In my world, Christmas is like a classic, comforting tune — a sweet lullaby that’s been sung for generations. It’s like being in a snow globe; everything’s familiar and enchanting. But as I peeked out of this globe, was I in for a surprise!

A Diverse Playlist, Not a Single Track

Imagine flipping through a music album where each track is a new world. That’s Christmas for me! In many places, December 24th or 25th is more like a hidden bonus track — it’s there, but not everyone’s listening. It’s a whisper among shouts, a soft breeze in a storm. Some don’t even have it in their playlist!

Each culture remixes the Christmas track in its own style. In Japan, it’s not silent nights or holy nights, but more about love songs and crispy chicken beats. And in India, it’s a colourful fusion, like a Bollywood hit, with mango trees twinkling in the place of pines.

And then there’s the commercial remix of Christmas — like a flashy pop song that tops the charts for a season. In places where Christmas isn’t the star of the show, it’s more of a guest appearance — there for the glitz and glamour of shopping festivals, then fading out as the season ends. It’s a catchy tune, but does it have the same soul?

The Grand Finale

So, as I deck the halls and jingle all the way, I realize that Christmas isn’t a universal anthem. It’s a global symphony, rich with diverse melodies and rhythms. Let’s dance to our own tunes and appreciate the music of others. Here’s to a world where every Christmas note is celebrated, no matter how different it sounds. Cheers to that symphony of diversity!

Author: Zmary Gharwal (Founder of the CivilSocietyHUB)

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