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Why I recommend — again — the Zero Project Conference in 2025!

Why I recommend — again — the Zero Project Conference in 2025!

So. Here we go. I had mixed feelings the last years about the conference. I am honest on that. I know the founder, Martin Essl, and his core team for now six years. Lovely and engaged people, with enormous energy and passion. Nevertheless, the last years, maybe because of Covid-19 made the conference repetitive, at least for me, personally.

But if you have several projects running and want to spread the word, the conference is cosy and practical, because it gathers 1000 people from nearly 80 countries, from affected people to policy makers and politicians. A good starting point to tell your story and meet “old friends”.

The 2024 Conference made it easy for me to start connecting with people and organisations I need for our new projects:

The SocialVolunteersHUB.Org, a global platform for students to engage in impactful projects worldwide, creating an immersive learning environment. From refugee camps to climate change issues, students have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to communities in need.

ThinkYellow, our inclusive and adaptive fashion brand, where fashion designers are students from the most famous Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy. Together we design affordable and accessible trendy fashion with, through and for people with disabilities (and everybody else).

CivilSocietyHUB Zero Project Conference

But we are also interested in other projects like we found at the conference in Portugal. “Case managers” coordinate early intervention programs. I want to give you more insight into this worthwhile project:

Early childhood development is at the heart of the project. The project is a cooperative for inclusion (CECD) in Portugal, based on a concept that relies on case managers. These professionals coordinate early childhood intervention (ECI) across three ministries — Education, Health, and Labor and Social Affairs — significantly improving families’ access to ECI. In 2021, 154 case managers reached nearly 80,000 people.

Parents who learn about their child’s disability have many questions, and this is precisely where the project from Portugal comes in. These parents need advice on practical solutions delivered on an equal footing. Time, financial support, and knowledge of therapy and educational opportunities are crucial for affected families. The Portuguese project places the parents’ wishes at the center, based on which a plan is created and implemented for the child. Case managers are available to families as companions throughout this process.

I therefore highly recommend, if you have not yet participated, the Zero Project Conference 2025! Zero Project team, keep on doing, because your work matters!

We, as the CivilSocietyHUB are bridging the gaps for people with disabilities, you are working for a world without barriers, let us join the forces and make the job done!

Congrats Team Zero Project!

Author: Zmary Gharwal (Founder of the CivilSocietyHUB)

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